Internship Oriented Training on Web Development

About This Training:

This internship Oriented training is specially designed on demand of various IT companies who give opportunity to college students for Internship.

Why Internship Oriented Training:

As per previous experience from companies they found that many students want to join Internship but they didn’t have enough knowledge to work on live projects of company or they lack in some particular fields. This Internship Oriented Training is a bridge of knowledge between companies and students, so that companies get more skilled and qualified students for internship. In this Internship Oriented training we are not only cover particular technology but we also covers from installation of software that needed to all topics needed for internship.

Get Certified with Our Training Program
What You Get:
  • Receive a signed certificate for each course with the institution’s logo to verify your achievement and increase your job prospects.
  • Easily Shareable certificate on LinkedIn,
  • Add the certificate to your CV or resume, or post it directly on LinkedIn
  • Get access of 12 lessons training on GIT
  • Get access of 47 lessons training on Web Development
  • Get access of 25 lessons training on Python
  • Get access of 18 lessons training on Django
  • Assignments
  • Internship
Placement Assistance:
  • Placement assistance to all students who successfully completed all modules.
  • Get updates on various companies vacancies, opportunities, placement drives.
Course Fee : ₹ 30000 18000
  • Introductions
  • How to create user in Git
  • Git Workflow
  • How to use git stage and commit commands
  • How to use and Manage Git ignore command
  • How To Use Rename and Remove Commands in Git
  • How To Skip staging in GIT
  • How To Unmodifying and Unstaging In GIT
  • Creating Account on GitHub | How to Singup on GitHub
  • How To Cloning Remote Repository in Github
  • How To Create Branch In Git | Git Branching
  • How To Merge Branches In GIT
Web Developemnt
  • Getting Started With Html Introduction
  • Html Basic Tags And Editors
  • Visual Studio Code Installation Steps For Windows
  • Visual Studio Code Installation Steps For Mac
  • Explaning Html Elements With Examples
  • Html Attributes With Examples
  • Html Paragraph Tag
  • What Is Html Styling And Explaning With Example
  • How To Do The Html Formatting And Formatting Tags
  • How To Use Comments In Html
  • How We Use Colors In Html
  • How To Use Links In Html
  • How To Use Images In Html
  • How To Show Table On Html Web Page
  • Html List Tags | Ordered List | Unordered List | Decription List
  • How To Write Html Blocks And Inline Properties
  • Html Iframe Tag | How To Embedding Another Html Page Or Url
  • Html File Path | What Is An File Path In Html
  • Html Head Elements
  • How To Use Responsive Tags In Html
  • Html Form Tag | How To Create Form In Html
  • Html Form Elements
  • Html Input Types Tags Part 1
  • Html Input Types Tags Part 2
  • CSS Introduction
  • CSS Selector, Id And Class
  • How To Use CSS | Inline, Internal, External
  • How To Use Background Color And Images Using CSS
  • How To Use Border In CSS
  • CSS Margin | How To Set Margin In CSS
  • CSS Padding | How We Use Padding In CSS
  • Creating A Contact Form Page Part 1
  • Creating A Contact Form Page Part 2
  • CSS Project Assginment
  • Javascript Introduction
  • Javascript Alert Massage
  • How To Display Date On Button Using Js
  • How To Hide The Text Using Js | Display Style In Js
  • How To Change The CSS Style Using Js Code | Onclick JavaScript
  • How To Change Values / Images Using Js Functions | How To Use If Else Statement In Js
  • Bootstrap Introduction | How To Create Responsive Web Design
  • How To Use Online Bootstrap | How To Include Bootstrap From A CDN
  • How To Use Offline Bootstrap
  • Navbar | How To Use Bootstrap Navbar
  • How To Use Pagination Using Bootstrap | Pagination
  • How To Use Bootstrap Template And Examples
  • How To Create Website In 5 Min Using Tailwind CSS
  • How to install python on windows 7/8.1/10
  • How to Install PyCharm IDE on Windows Machine
  • How to install Anaconda in windows 7/8.1/10
  • How to Launch Jupyter Notebook Using Anaconda
  • Introduction of python
  • Python Basic Concepts
  • Variables in Python
  • Python Strings
  • List in Python
  • Python Dictionary Methods
  • Tuple In Python
  • How To Use Set In Python
  • How To Use Conditional Expressions in Python
  • How To Use While Loop in Python
  • How To Use For Loop In Python
  • Try And Except In Python Function
  • Read, Readline and Readlines In Python
  • Python Functions
  • Lambda Functions
  • Join(), Map(), Filter() in Python
  • Python Decorators
  • Enumerate In Python
  • Fstring In Python
  • OOPS Concepts in python

Python Usecases- Creating Python Mini Project

  • How to Install Python on Windows 7/8.1/10
  • How to Install PyCharm IDE on Windows Machine | How To Run First Program on PyCharm IDE
  • Django Beginner Introduction
  • First Project Creation in Django
  • Django App Creation
  • How To Create HTML Templates In Django
  • How to Create Django Pipeline
  • How To Use Django with Bootstrap
  • How To Add Static Folder For Images, Videos and PDF
  • Django Migrations
  • How To Create Super User In Django
  • How To Create Registration Page In Django
  • How To Create Login Page In Django
  • Display Alert Massage In Django
  • How To Add Text In Django
  • Creating a Model In Django
  • How To Use _STR_ Function
  • How To Create Contact Us Page In Django

Django Project and Assignments