Internship Verification Form

After completion of your Internship Oriented Training fill below form to issue offer letter. Please Enter all training certificate details and choose your Internship Starting Date.
  • For Certificate Id: Enter your valid Certificate Id which is printed on your course certificate.
  • For certificate shareable links – After completion of training click on ‘Complete Course’ from course page then View Certificate -> Copy Link option will be enabled on view certificate page.
  • Each Internship Oriented Training has Three Training Courses, You need to submit all three course certificates.
  • Internship Start Date: After completion of Training choose your preferred Internship Start Dates. You can choose any date between 24th May to 31st July 2021 to issue Internship Offer Letter. Your Internship starts from date which you mentioned.
  • Verification process takes 2-3 days. Also, after verification their are some formalities that needs to be completed, So we request you to fill this form at least 4-5 days before your start date of internship for smooth operation of process.